Cheers to 2024! Welcome to a Year of Growth and Connection with SheMarketers!

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5 min readJan 1, 2024


Whew! We made it to 2024!!!

Hey SheMarketers,

As we step into a brand new year, we can’t help the feeling of reflection and gratitude… We are grateful for the incredible journey we have shared with you at SheMarketers Alliance. In this year-end wrap-up, let’s take a moment to celebrate the milestones, growth, and empowerment that defined our community in 2023.

What we have achieved so far

At the core of our mission is empowerment. SheMarketers Alliance is a community for female marketers like you, offering the perfect platform for professional growth through knowledge-sharing, mentorship, and exclusive access to amazing opportunities. Whether you’re just starting your journey, navigating the mid-career hustle, or bringing years of expertise to the table, our community provides the perfect platform for you.

See what we achieved together…

WhatsApp community growth

Our WhatsApp Community officially kicked off on the 30th of November, 2023 to bring members closer and foster real-time connections through impactful discussions, shared insights, and the vibrant exchange of ideas.

In such a short period, we have witnessed the community’s exponential growth, welcoming new voices and perspectives daily and building a 100+ member-strong community! Your active participation has been instrumental in cultivating this dynamic hub. If you are yet to join us on WhatsApp, there’s a spot open for you when you click here.

Conversations had

From thought-provoking discussions on emerging marketing trends to shared experiences navigating the intricacies of our industry, each exchange has been a spark igniting brilliance. Your engagement in these conversations has created a collaborative environment where knowledge flows seamlessly. We’ve witnessed the beauty of diverse perspectives coming together, turning ordinary discussions into extraordinary learning opportunities.

Conversations such as:

Gifts given

Our most engaging community members received spa voucher/concert tickets to celebrate the festive season. Wondering if they had a good time? … evidence deyy!

SheMarketers Community winners of concert tickets

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Beyond this, we plan to share impactful paid resources and opportunities with our members so you are in for a treat.

Social Media platforms (content, growth, etc)

From inspirational quotes shared by seasoned marketers to inspiring marketing lessons and insights, our online space (Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn) has become a vibrant tapestry of all things SheMarketers. The new year is on the horizon, and we’re dreaming bigger, aiming higher, and setting our sights on building something so extraordinary it’ll make heads turn!

So, get ready for a world of exciting and impactful content because your every like, share, and comment is not just a virtual high-five; it’s a powerful force propelling the empowerment of female marketers worldwide!

Moving Forward: What to Expect


As we enter the new year, our commitment to fostering a vibrant and supportive community is stronger than ever. SheMarketers is your space where your ideas flourish, your questions find answers, and you are surrounded by a tribe of incredible women who truly get what it means to be a marketer. In the coming months, we’re turning the spotlight on community connections, making it even easier for you to engage, collaborate, and grow.


We are curating a lineup of webinars that not only delve into the latest marketing trends but also offer practical insights to fuel your professional journey. From expert panels to hands-on workshops, these webinars are your passport to marketing mastery.

Join us for an inaugural webinar this January where we delve deeply into the mission of SheMarketers providing the needed information to jumpstart your career. More information will be provided on this across our online platforms.

Free/Paid Community Benefits

We understand every marketer is unique, so we offer tailored membership tiers to suit your needs. From the aspiring to the seasoned, there’s a place for everyone. Head over to our website and visit the Community page for an in-depth look at each tier’s benefits.

Jobs Hub: Where Opportunities Flourish!

Get ready to level up in your career! In the upcoming year, SheMarketers is gearing up to become the go-to destination for exciting opportunities in the marketing space. We’re expanding our partnerships with leading companies, curating exclusive job listings, and rolling out career resources that will empower you to confidently navigate the professional landscape.

Upcoming Events: Mark Your Calendars for Marketing Magic!

The new year is about to usher in a wave of incredible events designed to help elevate your marketing journey. From virtual conferences and workshops to physical conferences, SheMarketers Alliance is set to bring you an events lineup that’s nothing short of spectacular. Brace yourself for thought-provoking discussions, networking galore, and a front-row seat to the latest trends.

Resource Center

In the coming year, anticipate exclusive access to guides, templates, and exclusive content that caters to every stage of your marketing journey. Whether you’re diving into a new niche, honing your skills, or seeking expert insights, our resource library will be your compass. Get ready to equip yourself with the tools you need to conquer the marketing landscape!

In Conclusion

Our community, a force of female marketers, is on a journey of empowerment, growth, and connection. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just starting your journey, SheMarketers is your platform to shine. As we stride into this brand-new year, let’s amplify our impact and make waves that resonate!


This year is ours for the taking. Let’s make it a year of breakthroughs, support, and collective triumph. Welcome to the SheMarketers family — where your success is our success!

Cheers to a year of empowerment and growth!

Nengi Akinola,

SheMarketers Founder



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